New Update 1.4 Released for World of Tanks! (WoT)

Mar 03 Diablo Pajarito  

GWE Claims Bragging Rights – Ownage of WoT

Galactic Warrior Empire, a major participant claims bragging rights against gamers from around the world participating at the competitive level. That’s right! Ownage is the action of utterly defeating its opponents.

“Maybe all you should take a time-out to think of a better strategy because we have public ownage of you.”

Wargaming recently announced a long-awaited update for World of Tanks (WoT). Jump into your tanks and get busy!

There are several teams competing different levels.

World of Tanks GWENo matter! GWE has gained notoriety as an eSports contender. While the league organizers try to figure out a different way to approach the professional side of WoT, World of Tanks players are passionate. There’s a constant stream of unofficial tournaments and show matches. We do our part to set a few of them up. Join us at Galactic Warrior Empire (GWE).

It’s clans like GWE that make e-Sports tick.

A History, Ins and Outs, by ESPORTS.NET

Esports matches had a sluggish pace, and the 7v7 format of professional matches felt alien to the majority of the player base. So much so that the publisher put the official Wargaming.net League on hold in order to figure out a different way to approach the competitive side of WoT.

In celebration of hitting the 60 million registered player milestone, Wargaming’s huge resurgence of version update 1.4 ensures to make WoT a worldwide success.

GWE – World of Tanks Introduction and Direct Link

Wargaming World of Tank | Wiki Open Source

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