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  • World of Tanks

    New Update 1.4 Released for World of Tanks! (WoT)

    GWE Claims Bragging Rights – Ownage of WoT Galactic Warrior Empire, a major participant claims bragging rights against gamers from around the world participating at the competitive level. That’s right! Ownage is the action of utterly defeating its opponents. “Maybe […]

  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks (Basics)

    World of Tanks (WoT) WoT is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming. World of Tanks was released on 12 August 2010 exclusively for the Russian market. The game became a smashing success. More than 700,000 players hit […]

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Welcome to the Star Citizen question and answer thread. Feel free to ask any questions you have related to SC here! Useful Links and Resources: Star Citizen Wiki - The biggest and best wiki resource d [...]

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I actually forgot I backed this... I'm not sure what the status of this is, aside from "still not done", but with the kickstarter being in 2012, I thought it might have been done. Nope. [...]

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Hi everyone, With the recent influx of posts on the subreddit, I have created this post to reduce the amount of spam on the subreddit. If you have been invited to the beta and you are feeling generous [...]

Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping this subreddit alive for the past year, everyone has brought a lot to the table in terms of finding out info and sharing it with everyone when this game was nothi [...]

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I remember being so hyped for that game, but now I guess it’s cancelled? submitted by /u/Blackdabbath69 [link] [comments] [...]

Is there any trading groups at steam that i’ve never heard about? Let me know please, thanks. For PC:E obviously. submitted by /u/Zalerinaty [link] [comments] [...]

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I was going through a dinosaur phase around 3-4 years ago, all I would do all day is read about dinosaurs and watch dinosaur stuff online I come across a small YouTube channel with a let’s play of pri [...]

Hello, Subnauts! This week we released the early access debut of Below Zero, a "new chapter" of Subnautica. The team has been hard at work on it since we released v1.0, which makes it about [...]

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your continued support of Subnautica & Below Zero! ​ It's AMA time! Leave your questions and (within reason) we'll try to answer them the best we can, in [...]

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/r/ark For all your Ark: Survival Evolved awesomeness, please use /r/ark instead. Don't forget to subscribe! See you there! /r/ark submitted by /u/Morterni [link] [comments] [...]

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https://forums.valofe.com/forum/icarus-global/news-and-announcements/official-news/17913-steam-migration-issue-update Link for how to do it. Follow it and you should be able to play on steam again! su [...]

I got an email stating that my migration was successful. I started the game several times but my character isn't here, it still says that I have 0 characters. Does anyone know how to solve this? [...]

Hi! I have looked through the game and will play with a friend. I would like to know if you can play from Europe with the non-Steam launcher, and which server there are more Spanish, to find more peop [...]

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