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GWE Gamer Interview

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Galactic Warrior Empire.com, is an e-Sports training camp for aspiring professional online gaming competitors at the e-Game novice/amateur level. e-Sports (also known as professional online gaming), is the fastest growing entertainment industry on the planet.

Engaged in highly organized units around the world, competition between professional players in multi-player environments gets pretty serious. Spectators of all ages find the sport intensely gratifying. Plus, the best competitors can stand to earn millions of dollars, which, let’s face it, isn’t a bad way to make a living!

Galactic Warrior Empire.net, at the e-Sports website, will select the best players and sponsor them at the amateur level. We have grandiose plans to eventually hit the major league tournaments when ready. “Ready” means when we score enough victories and get ranked for qualification to enter the respective high-stakes competition circuit.

All Gamers Begin Here

International Gamers of all ages are invited to “hitch a ride with us.” Obtain a membership at our e-Games websites at www.galactic-warrior-empire.COM (novice/amateur-level).

Galactic Warrior Empire welcomes YOU!

Everyone has to win and get ranked to earn a billet at the competitive level to obtain another membership at our e-Sports website at www.galactic-warrior-empire.NET (amateur/competition-level).

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Come ON! TURN IT UP!!! 🙂

Galactic Warrior Command – Gamer Interview

Galactic Warrior Empire welcomes Gamers of all ages to join at www.galactic-warrori-empire.com. Amateur and hard-core Gamers at the competitive level must complete a qualification interview to join at the e-Sports website at www.galactic-warrior-empire.net.
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