The Different Levels of a Gamer

The Different Levels of a Gamer

May 19 darthhelmet  

The Term “Gamer” is Evolving

The term “gamer” consists of several different types of groups. “Gamer” could be an all-inclusive term to describe the maligned, often-misunderstood crowd of people that regularly engage in video, computer, or tabletop games. In one realm, there is a range of chess-players and in a casual setting is a family playing monopoly. Getting closer to our jargon is a “fitness gamer,” who plays motion-based exercise games.

Happy Online Gamer

Happy Online Gamer

Though the percentage of people who participate in such activities has increased in recent years, a certain stigma still surrounds those courageous millions who operate as “viral gamers.” These are the people you see getting together for a rousing session of Dungeons & Dragons once a week, or who you will regularly see planted in front of a TV or computer monitor, immersed in the bliss of “gamedom.”

This is not to say gamers are the bespectacled hermits that the stereotype has long been. We are everywhere, in many shapes and forms. We live and breathe the likes of Halo, Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, Mage: The Ascension, and more. The gamer is here to stay, replacing the couch potato stuck on watching drab television.

This level of gamer has zero familiarity with gaming. They often have no idea what they are doing and don’t even know the basics of a game. It isn’t hard to move up from this level once you sit down and learn the basics of a game. They will likely stick to simplistic games, at least in the beginning.

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There are different levels of gamers

Some gamers spend a small amount of time each day gaming, while others only sit down to game a few times a week. Some spend multiple hours each day perfecting their technique – it all depends on the level they are at.

Below, we discuss the different levels of gamers.

Base Level Gamer

Regrettably, after all these years of togetherness, there are still a few warriors at Galactic Warrior Empire that still suck! They shall remain Newbs in this virtual lifetime. Nonetheless, most of us began as casual gamers and enjoy the camaraderie.

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Casual/Leisure Gamer

A casual or leisure gamer enjoys playing games but their time/interest is somewhat limited. They know the basics of various games and play just for fun. They tend to play more games designed for ease of gameplay such as Subnautica, or play more involved games in small groups with friends or online. They aren’t too caught up in their win rate or high score. They’ll play at a slower pace. The typical casual gamer is older and predominantly female. Occasionally, a casual player may want to turn their gaming up a notch.

A Mid-Core Gamer

These core gamers often have a wider range of interests than a casual gamer. They play different kinds of games enthusiastically but do not play as long or as hard as a hardcore gamer. Sometimes, the easy-going fun turns emotional under multiple degrees of stress or uncontrollable jubilation. The mid-core gamer enjoys games but may not finish every game they buy, and they don’t usually have time for long MMO quests.

Screaming Angry Online Gamer

Screaming Angry Online Gamer

A number of theories have been presented regarding the rise in popularity of mid-core games. James Hursthouse, the founder of Roadhouse Interactive credits the evolution of devices towards tablets and touch-screen interfaces, whereas others compare the emergence of mid-core games to similar increases in media sophistication that have occurred in media such as television.

Hardcore Gamer

This prototype gamer will spend a huge amount of their spare time playing games. They seemed to be glued to their mobile devices for the last updates and communications within their various clans. Sometimes, someone needs to slug-and tug them away from a “misunderstood” addiction. The dynamics of emotional stability get intense at this level!

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They will usually have a good console/PC made especially for gaming. Stashing your cash to spend on an array of electronics becomes part of the journey. Technology savvy, they prefer to play games that are complex and have depth. It could take years to get to this level. They may eventually decide to make the move to competition level gaming if they have the skills, time, and ability.

Competition Level Gamer – eSports

There aren’t many people who are willing to take their gaming to this stage, as it requires much commitment, time, and skill. They have a deep grasp on the basics and fundamentals and want to make money using their skills. They have very little fear and will take on anybody.

GWE Competition Level Gamer - eSports

GWE Competition Level Gamer – eSports

Very few will likely be able to match the competition level gamer in terms of ability. Expectations are high, and these gamers will be expected to win any and all events they take part in.

The reality check occurs when it is time to tell their family and friends about their exploitations. People will respect them, many people will likely hate them, and some may even copy their technique. They may start out as amateurs and eventually become sponsored because of their technique.

As you can see, there are different levels of gamer. What level gamer are you?

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