Tribes – 1998 (Prehistoric Ice Age)

Tribes – 1998 (Prehistoric Ice Age)

Feb 13 Diablo Pajarito  
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Tribes One or Starsiege: Tribes

This was my first Online Multiplayer game I have ever played. Not my first FPS (frames per second), before this was Spear of Destiny, Doom, and Quake.

Enough name-drops on to this game! This game was released way back in 1998 which was when I started high school! So, I spent a decent amount of time on the computer with this gem of a game! I am partially surprised to see servers still online and look forward to playing some multiplayer for you all to see!

For now, here is an introduction into what this game was the craze! Tribes is a squad-based multiplayer online game. The story is set in the 40th century, after humanity has settled across the galaxies via jumpgates. Conflict broke out between several factions of humans, the four largest of which are the Children of the Phoenix, Blood Eagle, Diamond Sword, and Starwolf.

The first and largest descends from people isolated from the Great Human Empire during the jumpgate diaspora. The second is a force of imperial knights originally sent from the Empire to subdue them who have gone ‘tribal’ over time. The Diamond Sword and Starwolf are secondary, with innumerable other splinter tribes constantly fighting for territory.

The player assumes the role of a warrior loyal to one of the four major tribes battling in the front lines of the conflict. The battles take place in one of 40 levels. Most of the standard maps are outdoors environments in a variety of climates, from sunshine to snow and hail.

In general, bases are scattered throughout the map depending on the game type. The outdoor environments can extend for several in-game kilometers. There are five distinct “default” game types: Capture the flag (CTF) Deathmatch (DM) Defend and destroy (D&D) Capture and hold (C&H) Find and retrieve (F&R).

In addition to running and jumping, players are equipped with a jetpack which allows them to accelerate into the air until the armor’s energy is used up. In addition to straight-line movement, the jetpack has other versatile uses. It can be used to make short hops whilst zig-zagging to make a player harder to target in open areas. An upward thrust can help the player evade oncoming enemies armed with short-range weapons. Another method of movement is known as “skiing”, and relies on an exploitation of the game’s physics engine. If a player taps the jump button with the correct timing whilst descending a hill, their momentum will accumulate. High speeds can be achieved this way, and if this momentum takes the player to the crest of another hill, the jetpack can be used to rapidly propel them across the map.

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