The 4 Best Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games MMORPG’s

The 4 Best Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games MMORPG’s

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Common Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games MMORPG

Do you want to start your Role-Playing career with the best?

Find 4 of our best selection MMORPG’s around! However, most of them were not selected for inclusion at Galactic Warrior Empire. In fact, everyone has an opinion about their best MMORPG’s.

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World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

This game has been in development for many years, the initial game coming out late 2004. The original release takes place in the world of Azeroth just a few years after the events of “WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne.” Since its release, the game has become the most popular and subscribed MMORPG ever with more than 5 million subscribers.

When playing the game, players can control a character from either the first or third person perspective and go ahead completing quests, fighting monsters, and interacting with other characters. There have been six expansions released which have updated nearly every aspect of the game from gameplay to graphics and more.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is for those who want to take over an entire universe. The game is 100% crowdfunded and aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion. This game allows for unlimited gameplay and is so much more than a space combat sim. You can create and live in your very own deep space adventure, placing you right in the middle of a universe full of friends, enemies, and uncertainty.

Millennials might have a difficult time with Star Citizen. There is no instant gratification. Gamers have to learn a great amount of detail in addition to mastering the game itself. Star Citizen is time intensive so the word out to all newbs is to practice and spread the time out to learn it.

Star Citizen is a work in progress. Completion is due in 2021. Don’t count on it. They keep piling on more improvements and missing deadlines.

Galactic Warrior Empire has selected Star Citizen.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul

This game is a Korean fantasy martial arts MMORPG. The world is designed with every last detail considered, inspired by the visual style of artist Hyung Tae Kim. You can then choose from four unique races, and ten compelling classes. On this game, you will do battle using a fast, high-octane combat system. You must be truly twigger-happy to win!

Blade and Soul features a combination of martial arts inspired quingong. Players create playable characters that explore around the world by completing quests assigned by various NPCs. The game uses a real-time battle system in the third person camera view and requires players to “combo” a series of attacks, much like that of fighting games.

Players begin with “player-versus environment” (PvE) but may participate in “player-versus-player” (PvP) combat later in the game.

As darkness envelops the Earthen Realm, find the light within and call upon the strength of the Hongmoon! Transcend all limits and awaken your true power in the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan!

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Rift has a highly customizable class system and is rated as one of the best MMORPGs over the last several years. The free play is still a huge reason it is so popular, and the system is always ensured to feel fair and generous for players. The updates contain everything players could want from the game.

Rift takes place within the fantasy world of Telara. Two competing factions, composed of a selection of races and classes, battle each other and the enemies who emerge from dynamic “rifts.”

Even the game’s latest expansion, Prophecy of Ahnket, has no monetary barrier. Updates will please you every time, including returns of old favorite characters, huge bosses to defeat, and high-level raids. Rift ensures you make lifelong friends and GWE is checking it out for inclusion at the Galactic Warrior Empire.

There are many MMORPGs out today, but the above 5 are worth a look before anything else. Take a look and before you know it, you’ll be immersed in a brand new persistent world!

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