World of Warships

 Feb 27, 2019 - eSports


World of Warships – Ahoy Matie!

Navies represented in the game include the navies from the United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Soviet Union (and former Russia) and southeast Asia.

WOWS a tactical, slow-paced shooter with two basic types of armament: ship guns and torpedoes. The game itself is team-based, so it gives to players an ability to work as a team.

Within a team, divisions can be established to allow a group of up to three players to join and fight naval battles together.

Players can progress through the game through research of each ship from each tier. Each specific ship has a number of modules that can be accessed through experience. This experience is used to unlock modules and, once a ship’s modules are completely researched, the player can continue to the next ship.