League of Legends

 Jun 07, 2020 - eSports

 Riot Games

League of Legends – Outsmart for a Hard-Fought Victory.

League of Legends has continued to grow exponentially in popularity. With an active and expansive fanbase, it is the premier online e-sports game held annually in competitive arena environments around the world.

Destroy the opposing team’s “Nexus”, a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures. Other distinct game modes exist as well with varying objectives, rules, and maps. Each player aka ‘Champion’ begins relatively weak but strength increases by accumulating valuable items, knowledge, and experience over the course of the game.

Galactic Warrior Empire is currently recruiting novice and amateur players to practice League of Legends. Qualify to enter amateur tournaments. Galactic Warrior Empire is possessed with “grand delusions of desire” to be invited to various League of Legends tournaments at the professional level in the near future.