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World of TanksWorld of Tanks is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee to play with “premium” features.

The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a light, medium or heavy tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun. World of Tanks debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012.

  • While complex and strategy are “necessary evils,” World of Tanks is one of the best entry-level eSports to jump into the fray.
  • If you have an hour to dive deep, read the details of World of Tanks at Wikipedia. This source may be the best option to understand what is going on in the World of Tanks.
  • Then, get the most recent news from the game itself.
  • World of Tanks is FREE to download and play.
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GWE World of Tanks Featured YouTube Videos

featuring Quickybaby, Wargaming Europe, DezGamez

Watch an excellent introduction, “Everyone Starts as a Noob.

An alliance is being formed with Quickybaby. He has been contacted. We’re still waiting for a reply. One day in galactic planetary time, we hope he will produce a video based one of our many recommendations.

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