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Galactic Warrior Empire has selected Star Citizen
  • Star Citizen
  • Star Citizen has turned into a painful but truly exciting work in progress. It is the best game on the planet. Under construction and only in the alpha stage, much improvement is needed to get it into in beta stage before completion. Yes, it disconnects and requires patches; but, it is an INCREDIBLE online game!
  • Star Citizen aims to combine multiple video game genres, including space, trading, flight combat simulation, and first-person shooter, in a multiplayer setting.
  • If you have an hour to dive deep, read the details of Star Citizen on Wikipedia. The history of Star Citizen by Space Tomato is excellent.
  • Then, get the most recent news from the game itself.
  • A package must be purchased to play. Once a package is purchased, additional ships, ground units, and other nifty items can be added to your arsenal.
  • Squadron42We recommend the Aegis Avenger Titan. It replaces the Aurora and Mustang as an entry-level fighter, package, and cargo handler.
  • Squadron 42 is a single-player story-driven game in the same universe as Star Citizen.
  • The finished release of Squadron 42 is scheduled for 2021. (yeah, right)
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GWE Star Citizen Featured YouTube Videos

featuring SuperMacBrother, Azure-Lance, Avenger ONE, and Space Tomato Gaming.

Alliances are being formed with several online gamers. One day in another galaxy, we want to become a sponsor and produce videos based on many recommendations.

Get ready to join the ranks deep inside our bunkers at Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen's History & How Things Are Changing For The Better (Opinion), by Space Tomato