Hello e-Sports Amateur and Professional Gamers!

MUST READ! ==> e-Games and e-Sports are shifting into highly-detailed game playing. Similar to the upcoming thriller Star Citizen, if you don’t read all the material, there is a disadvantage when competing against the ones that did take the time to slowly read and digest the material.

To give you an idea of how Gamers are recruited…

The Overwatch League was formally announced at the November of 2016. The people at Blizzard  Entertainment stated that the League would feature franchised teams that would hire Overwatch gamers to compete in live arenas and via video streaming. Teams would provide competitors with salaries and benefits and would help “cultivate team and player development”. Rather than following the format of other e-Sports that use relegation and promotion as in the League of Legends Championship Series, Blizzard wanted to follow the American model used in more traditional physical sports.

GWE has selected the following MMOs:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Rift
  3. Counterstrike – Global Offensive
  4. World of Tanks
  5. World of Warships

We would love to add competitive eSports. If we get enough requests for a popular game, it may be considered for admission at Galactic Warrior Empire.

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