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  • World of Tanks

    New Update 1.4 Released for World of Tanks! (WoT)

    GWE Claims Bragging Rights – Ownage of WoT Galactic Warrior Empire, a major participant claims bragging rights against gamers from around the world participating at the competitive level. That’s right! Ownage is the action of utterly defeating its opponents. “Maybe […]

  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks (Basics)

    World of Tanks (WoT) WoT is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming. World of Tanks was released on 12 August 2010 exclusively for the Russian market. The game became a smashing success. More than 700,000 players hit […]

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  • Ghost Recon-Wildlands
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  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star War: The Old Republic
  • Subnautica

Welcome to the Star Citizen question and answer thread. Feel free to ask any questions you have related to SC here! Useful Links and Resources: Star Citizen Wiki - The biggest and best wiki resource dedicated to Star Citizen Star Citizen FAQ - Chances the answer you need is here. Discord Help Channel - Often times community members will be here to help you with issues. Referral Code Randomizer - Use this when creating a new account to get 5000 extra UEC. Download Star Citizen - Get the latest version of Star Citizen here Current Game Features - Click here to see what you can currently do in Star Citizen. Development Roadmap - The current development status of up and coming Star Citizen features. Pledge FAQ - Official FAQ regarding spending money on the game. submitted by /u/UEE_Central_Computer [link] [comments] [...]


submitted by /u/Velioss [link] [comments] [...]

Just remembering Delamar

submitted by /u/stjiub9 [link] [comments] [...]

Squadron 42: Pre-Alpha WIP Gameplay - Vertical Slice w/ Director's Commentary

submitted by /u/Beet_Wagon [link] [comments] [...]

Is Q2 next year the current projected date for completion?

submitted by /u/twosnake [link] [comments] [...]

I feel scammed that they are just developing the multiplayer game. StarCiticen never interested me. But the lack of communication feels like money grab. submitted by /u/iuiz [link] [comments] [...]

Y’all ever seen this? It’s near the Jace Skell Dam.

submitted by /u/Couple_Awayed [link] [comments] [...]

Silhouette Series

submitted by /u/CasualAsset [link] [comments] [...]

The Terminators are on the hunt

submitted by /u/KingoftheFist [link] [comments] [...]

Hi everyone, With the recent influx of posts on the subreddit, I have created this post to reduce the amount of spam on the subreddit. If you have been invited to the beta and you are feeling generous, you may give away your keys in this thread. Please PM the users to prevent bots from grabbing the keys. If you are looking for a key, comment with your platform and wait patiently. From now on, any posts STRICTLY asking for keys will be removed, please move all comments to this thread. Thank you. submitted by /u/The_Pesky_Panda [link] [comments] [...]

Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping this subreddit alive for the past year, everyone has brought a lot to the table in terms of finding out info and sharing it with everyone when this game was nothing but a trailer! In about 2 days, we have reached 15,000 unique views, due the massive influx of users coming for information about the beta, and I simply do not have the manpower myself to moderate all of you, so we will be merging with /r/Wildlands :) They have a very professional and beautifully designed subreddit with a great mod team and by combining the two subreddits, we will nearly double the amount of users, allowing all of you to communicate together and share more information and gameplay tips with each other! At the end of this month, this subreddit will be deleted, and all users should unsubscribe from /r/Ghost_Recon_Wildlands, and move over to /r/Wildlands and subscribe there. We appreciate your cooperation and hopefully we can make this a smooth transition :) Thank you! -MapleSurrup, Owner submitted by /u/MapleSurrup [link] [comments] [...]

This is a place for groups, clans and players to find one another. So Squad up, get out on that Battlefield and PTFO! ​ **NOTE:** This post will be semi-permanently stickied unless some news happens that makes it so we have to unsticky. ​ All comments not related to BF V Friend Finder will be removed. ​ Please follow the format below: ​ **Platform:** PC/PS4/XB ​ **Name:** manimal_prime ​ **Region:** eg; Americas ​ All other threads regarding clans, discord servers, friend finders will be removed and redirected to this thread. ​ Also check out: ​ **[BFLFG](** ​ **[Battlefield Discord](** ​ **[Battlefield Forums](** submitted by /u/manimal_prime [link] [comments] [...]

Most Kills I got in 1 strafe with the G-6

submitted by /u/hentai_lord96 [link] [comments] [...]

PTFO please... please... They respawn...

submitted by /u/MavDrake [link] [comments] [...]

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

submitted by /u/SparkySpider [link] [comments] [...]

20 years ago today, this iconic game graced the PlayStation 2.

submitted by /u/Dbwasson [link] [comments] [...]

Your post will be removed if it pertains exclusively to the 2017 Battlefront II. No exceptions. That said, I'd like to welcome everyone new to the subreddit! Multiplayer for the game is now up, but if anyone has a precise way to join that works, please, let everyone else in on it! Glad to have some recognition for the quality game that BF2 is. GOG is working on fixing the server errors. They did not anticipate this, so give them time. Also, if there's something you'd like changed about the sub, please let me know! There's this handy button right HERE. This ranges from new flair ideas or community events. I'd love to hear them all! WATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS! submitted by /u/glisjackel [link] [comments] [...]

Can someone confirm if SWBF2 (2005) offline version can be played through GameRanger and that it still supports LAN, co-op and dedicated servers or any of these 3 options? I'm talking about a copy from GOG. I'm wondering if they changed something in offline installers or it's still same original game back from 2005. submitted by /u/dragonlike55 [link] [comments] [...]

submitted by /u/carrotflowerking2 [link] [comments] [...]

Feel free to ask any SWTOR related questions in this thread! New & Returning Players are also welcome to post their introductions here too. SWTOR Frequently Asked Questions Is SWTOR Worth trying? Should I Subscribe to SWTOR? Common Technical Issues (crashing, black screen, etc) Which Class Should I Choose? Best class? Viable classes? What should I spend my Cartel Coins/CC on? Free to Play / Preferred / Subscriber Differences Find a Guild/Group to Play With How do I start the next quest or expansion? What's next in the story? Ultimate 6.0 Link Guide The State of SWTOR Expansions and Updates Major Game Changes & the Current State of SWTOR Story Order Guide & Solo Guide The State of Player vs. Environment (PvE): Dailies, Flashpoints, Uprisings & Operations The State of Player vs. Player (PvP) The State of Galactic Starfighter Free Stuff Free Pet, Mount and Flair Codes: Go to Enter these codes separately to get some free mounts and pets! NYCANTINA19 (free flair), SWCELEBRATION17 (M8-3R Droid Pet). Note these codes eventually expire, but we don't know when. Please contact the mods if they no longer work. submitted by /u/NikStalwart [link] [comments] [...]

[No Spoilers] What's Next For The Subnautica Series? - Dev Post

submitted by /u/Bumblebee__Tuna [link] [comments] [...]

[No spoilers] microwaveblade

submitted by /u/GermantasLTU [link] [comments] [...]

submitted by /u/Coruja456 [link] [comments] [...]

GWE Virtual Reality Systems

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Hi everyone, thank you all so much for your submissions, we were blown away by the responses! Now it's time for you to vote for your favourites. Below you will find a top level comment for each submission, you can vote by upvoting the comments with your favourite awards. Here you can find the submission thread. Voting is open for 3 days, then we will add the awards and notify the winners via private messages so they can receive their well-deserved prizes. submitted by /u/ohvalox [link] [comments] [...]

Bug Thread // Patch Discussion submitted by /u/ahritina [link] [comments] [...]

WORLDS 2021 KNOCKOUT STAGE Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Live Discussion | | New to LoL T1 3-0 Hanwha Life Esports - T1 move on to the Semifinals and will face the winner of DWG KIA vs. MAD Lions! - Hanwha Life Esports have been eliminated from the tournament. T1 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube HLE | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube MATCH 1: T1 vs. HLE Winner: T1 in 33m Game Breakdown | Runes Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B T1 sylas leblanc jarvan iv leona rakan 62.3k 11 10 H1 I4 O5 B6 O7 HLE yuumi lee sin twisted fate ryze azir 52.5k 6 2 C2 H3 T1 11-6-30 vs 6-11-9 HLE Canna graves 1 1-1-4 TOP 1-3-1 2 irelia Morgan Oner talon 2 4-3-5 JNG 0-5-0 1 xin zhao Willer Faker orianna 3 2-1-7 MID 2-0-1 3 zoe Chovy Gumayusi aphelios 2 3-0-6 BOT 3-2-2 1 miss fortune Deft Keria thresh 3 1-1-8 SUP 0-1-5 4 braum Vsta MATCH 2: HLE vs. T1 Winner: T1 in 29m Game Breakdown | Runes Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B… [...]

Hello, I'm looking to get back into the game. I wanted to ask where can I find recent builds/guides. Most of the links I find are from 7-10 years ago. (RIFT forums, etc) submitted by /u/chili01 [link] [comments] [...]

Anyone know where to get a 110/130 mount as described? I can only find a 90% submitted by /u/Azzariah12 [link] [comments] [...]

I'm on the most popular server (wolfsbane?) I just want to get in on whatever big guilds (still active) left in the game, if someone could help me out.. the chats are empty all around the place lol. submitted by /u/gimmeyobiscuits [link] [comments] [...]

It's been a long time since we have made any announcements as we feel as though they should be reserved for important events only, as you may or may not know. We have a community discord server that we've been in the process of overhauling in the last few days. It has been simplified and streamlined to allow for a much easier experience without it being overly complicated for no particular reason. We've made this server so that people have a place to chat, share media, find a mate to play with or get in touch with us directly. We would appreciate it if you would join, the invite link is here. On top of the new discord overhaul, we'll be choosing a post every few days to be featured on the frontpage of the subreddit, these are usually the ones which we believe are worth other people seeing and should be given the spotlight for a few days. We're always looking for new ways to reach out and interact with our community members so in the near future we may be looking to create a community server, feedback on this would be much appreciated as well as any potential… [...]

Gotta love stray bullets

submitted by /u/UnCxlored [link] [comments] [...]

almost clutched a 1v4

submitted by /u/RealNubs [link] [comments] [...]

Saturday the 30th of October at 21:00 ET! What is community night! Community night is a semiregular event hosted by the subreddit and RDDT clans where we run all sorts of "silly" game modes for fun and prizes. "Silly" events? Yes! Things like: PZ 1c Racing Demo Derby - Tier 3 and below tanks or room leader's choice; demo derby style race Fish 'n a Barrel - a bunch of little tanks getting pounded by ARTY blind fire. Last one alive wins Hide 'n Seek - self explanatory Long jump - A competition to see who can make the best beach push on Overlord Battle Boats - ARTY in TD mode with no brakes (I wonder what the new ARTY changes will be like) Battle Bridge/Tog of War - teams tanks fight for supremacy on a bridge Bounties - rewards for people who kill a designated player in certain event And more! These events are a ton of fun (especially racing and hide n seek imo), and the more the merrier! Who can come? EVERYONE! The whole community is invited! These events are designed to be accessible to players of all skill and experience levels. Tell your friends! Tell your… [...]

Almost every meme i post here.

submitted by /u/Flaky_Jack [link] [comments] [...]

Project Wrecked: Episode 144

submitted by /u/AetamYT [link] [comments] [...]

We all know that WG is able to be played on low specced rigs while it is also able to task pretty much any GPU to the max while sitting in port. So what are you using to play Warships on?? Are you using your old work laptop from 2012? Or have you managed to snag a new GPU in todays market and have the most epic gaming rig imaginable? Post your rigs here! Let's see some specs and hopefully some pictures! submitted by /u/Ducky_shot [link] [comments] [...]

Izumo sees this as an absolute win

submitted by /u/Knodsil [link] [comments] [...]

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