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  • World of Tanks

    New Update 1.4 Released for World of Tanks! (WoT)

    GWE Claims Bragging Rights – Ownage of WoT Galactic Warrior Empire, a major participant claims bragging rights against gamers from around the world participating at the competitive level. That’s right! Ownage is the action of utterly defeating its opponents. “Maybe […]

  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks (Basics)

    World of Tanks (WoT) WoT is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming. World of Tanks was released on 12 August 2010 exclusively for the Russian market. The game became a smashing success. More than 700,000 players hit […]

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  • Squadron 42
  • Ghost Recon-Breakpoint
  • Ghost Recon-Wildlands
  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • Battlefield V
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star War: The Old Republic
  • Subnautica

Welcome to the Star Citizen question and answer thread. Feel free to ask any questions you have related to SC here! Useful Links and Resources: Star Citizen Wiki - The biggest and best wiki resource dedicated to Star Citizen Star Citizen FAQ - Chances the answer you need is here. Discord Help Channel - Often times community members will be here to help you with issues. Referral Code Randomizer - Use this when creating a new account to get 5000 extra UEC. Download Star Citizen - Get the latest version of Star Citizen here Current Game Features - Click here to see what you can currently do in Star Citizen. Development Roadmap - The current development status of up and coming Star Citizen features. Pledge FAQ - Official FAQ regarding spending money on the game. submitted by /u/UEE_Central_Computer [link] [comments] [...]

Area 18 - the Alpha District

submitted by /u/vmxeo [link] [comments] [...]

Everything right now seems so insignificant. From games to my truck to the MBA I'm working on. Everything seems so inconsequential, but I know he would want me to not stop or give up. We had high hopes for Star Citizen and we both were so excited. We kept to ourselves mostly and didn't want to join any big organizations, but we made a lot of friends on the Live servers. We bought ships based on what we thought we would need and we would theory crafted for hours and hours. We spent so many hours grinding for the hammerhead, the reclaimer, and the 890J. Knowing that he will never be able to see SC fully released, knowing that his discord will never be green again, and knowing that I wont be able to talk to him every day makes my stomach churn. It's beyond gut wrenching, and I can't fathom what his family is going through. I know this type of post is probably not allowed, but the main take away from this is this: You may not agree with something CIG does, maybe you are frustrated with how long CIG is taking, or you might think all of… [...]

Squadron 42: Pre-Alpha WIP Gameplay - Vertical Slice w/ Director's Commentary

submitted by /u/Beet_Wagon [link] [comments] [...]

Is it out yet? ​ Seriously though, it's been nearly 2 years since the last real update on this.. submitted by /u/D_Dio [link] [comments] [...]


submitted by /u/iShowerErryDay [link] [comments] [...]

Welcome to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint subreddit. As this community is new and soon to be blooming, we are looking for moderators to help spread the workload while also contributing to the community. If you would like to become a moderator of this subreddit please fill out this quick form (5 Mins): You will private messaged if you are chosen for a spot on our moderation team. submitted by /u/ImainHibana [link] [comments] [...]

I would love to be able to make this outfit please ubi helmet scrim at least

submitted by /u/deadeyeski [link] [comments] [...]

Its finally over!

submitted by /u/GodlessRebel [link] [comments] [...]

Hi everyone, With the recent influx of posts on the subreddit, I have created this post to reduce the amount of spam on the subreddit. If you have been invited to the beta and you are feeling generous, you may give away your keys in this thread. Please PM the users to prevent bots from grabbing the keys. If you are looking for a key, comment with your platform and wait patiently. From now on, any posts STRICTLY asking for keys will be removed, please move all comments to this thread. Thank you. submitted by /u/The_Pesky_Panda [link] [comments] [...]

Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping this subreddit alive for the past year, everyone has brought a lot to the table in terms of finding out info and sharing it with everyone when this game was nothing but a trailer! In about 2 days, we have reached 15,000 unique views, due the massive influx of users coming for information about the beta, and I simply do not have the manpower myself to moderate all of you, so we will be merging with /r/Wildlands :) They have a very professional and beautifully designed subreddit with a great mod team and by combining the two subreddits, we will nearly double the amount of users, allowing all of you to communicate together and share more information and gameplay tips with each other! At the end of this month, this subreddit will be deleted, and all users should unsubscribe from /r/Ghost_Recon_Wildlands, and move over to /r/Wildlands and subscribe there. We appreciate your cooperation and hopefully we can make this a smooth transition :) Thank you! -MapleSurrup, Owner submitted by /u/MapleSurrup [link] [comments] [...]

Ark 2 Announcement Trailer Featuring Vin Diesel

submitted by /u/Morterni [link] [comments] [...]

Hey there, I'm Chloe. Nice to meet ya. I just started playing Ark again for the first time in a year (but I've played off and on since the early beta days) and I'm looking for people to play with! I have a long-term server (billed in 6 month increments). The main map is on Ragnarok, with a rotating cluster of various other maps based on community vote. We have PvP one day per week (but completely destroying bases is not allowed) and bimonthly community events. We also have a safe zone with an admin-built base for newbies to use until they can venture out on their own, and admin-built Raiding Bases with prizes inside. Join us on Discord! Community Areas and Events: We have a monthly Arena Day with lots of competitions and prizes. Look at our beautiful arena HERE 2. We have admin-built bases built made for raiding, with prizes inside for anyone who can get past the defenses. Take a peek at a few of them HERE We have a monthly 4hr server-wide war with no limits and no rules (after which I rewind the server by four hours and everything goes back to normal). We have… [...]

This is a place for groups, clans and players to find one another. So Squad up, get out on that Battlefield and PTFO! ​ **NOTE:*\* This post will be semi-permanently stickied unless some news happens that makes it so we have to unsticky. ​ All comments not related to BF V Friend Finder will be removed. Please follow the format below: **Platform:*\* PC/PS4/XB **Name:*\* manimal_prime **Region:*\* eg; Americas All other threads regarding clans, discord servers, friend finders will be removed and redirected to this thread. ​ Also check out: **[BFLFG](** **[Battlefield Discord](** **[Battlefield Forums](** submitted by /u/manimal_prime [link] [comments] [...]

So inconsistent

submitted by /u/Wargak [link] [comments] [...]

Anyone know what this is? It’s on pacific storm near the water tower objective

submitted by /u/StinkerAce [link] [comments] [...]

I've been a massive fan of GTA since I was around 8 years old... It all started with Vice City on my PS2 and the rest was history. Over the years we've had many additions to the franchise but for some reason I can't seem to shake IV as my all time favourite. I remember playing it on launch night on the 360 at a neighbours house. I remember the build up and numerous trailers at the time. The PS3/360 era in my opinion was the best years of my life. yet again most likely some nostalgia influence. I appreciate V was more advanced in many ways but in many ways I also see it as somewhat a 'flop' Sure IV was somewhat limited looking back but for it's time it was groundbreaking. After a run through of the V campaign I struggled to find myself rushing back. I feel that we are now in a world where games are solely online focused as GTA Online has proven to be somewhat of the cash cow. Personally I'm not a fan of multiplayer and will choose single player/ story any day! ... I really hope with an upcoming VI release that… [...]

submitted by /u/Capaia [link] [comments] [...]

I want to shoot a running operation in surgery room or atleast injection scene in GAT v . Can u guys help me to achieve it. submitted by /u/batsi1984 [link] [comments] [...]

Your post will be removed if it pertains exclusively to the 2017 Battlefront II. No exceptions. That said, I'd like to welcome everyone new to the subreddit! Multiplayer for the game is now up, but if anyone has a precise way to join that works, please, let everyone else in on it! Glad to have some recognition for the quality game that BF2 is. GOG is working on fixing the server errors. They did not anticipate this, so give them time. Also, if there's something you'd like changed about the sub, please let me know! There's this handy button right HERE. This ranges from new flair ideas or community events. I'd love to hear them all! WATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS! submitted by /u/glisjackel [link] [comments] [...]

It's the weekend! Feel free to host rooms or join a popular room! You can coordinate with other players in the comments section. If you're looking to play online, try out the Steam or GoG servers that you can access through the Multiplayer tab. Post a screenshot of your best game to this thread, and the highest KD wins bragging rights and their choice of a hero flair until next week. Have fun! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments] [...]

I’ve got a skin asset and I would like to add to add it to the game? submitted by /u/epicguy333 [link] [comments] [...]

There is a new Bug Report Forum now available at EA Answers HQ this forum allows non subscribers to now report bugs in-game Additional info at this link Link to Bug Report Forum Launcher issues and technical issues can be posted in Link to Technical Support Forum submitted by /u/Praxos666 [link] [comments] [...]

Feel free to ask any SWTOR related questions in this thread! New & Returning Players are also welcome to post their introductions here too. SWTOR Frequently Asked Questions Is SWTOR Worth trying? Should I Subscribe to SWTOR? Common Technical Issues (crashing, black screen, etc) Which Class Should I Choose? Best class? Viable classes? What should I spend my Cartel Coins/CC on? Free to Play / Preferred / Subscriber Differences Find a Guild/Group to Play With How do I start the next quest or expansion? What's next in the story? Ultimate 6.0 Link Guide The State of SWTOR Expansions and Updates Major Game Changes & the Current State of SWTOR Story Order Guide & Solo Guide The State of Player vs. Environment (PvE): Dailies, Flashpoints, Uprisings & Operations The State of Player vs. Player (PvP) The State of Galactic Starfighter Free Stuff Referral Codes: New players without a account and returning players who have not subscribed in the last 90 days can get free stuff with a referral code, including 7 free days of subscrition and ingame items! Click here. Free Pet, Mount and Flair Codes: Go to Enter these codes separately to get some free mounts and pets!… [...]

My Republic Vanguard

submitted by /u/LegoLeprechaun [link] [comments] [...]

Hey there, we combined both of these previous Dev posts into one to save space, here they are: Thank You Subnautica Team AMA! Asks us anything! and thanks to our newest mod Godcracker, our old.reddit flairs are working again :D submitted by /u/TacticalHog [link] [comments] [...]

PS4 players, you have a new update to fix the Save corruption issue!

submitted by /u/TacticalHog [link] [comments] [...]

GWE Virtual Reality Systems

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Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge. Need help against a certain champion? Unsure how and where to ward? Looking to improve your csing? This is the place to ask. This weekly thread is a place for new players to ask questions and get help/advice from more experienced players. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them! Previous threads If you wish to just view top level comments (ie questions) add ?depth=1 to the end of the page url. Looking to chat with people live? Come check out our discord channel here! We also have the channel #new-player-help if you want to ask questions there. If you are willing to learn, /r/SummonerSchool and its respective discord are always willing to teach. Basic Mechanics explanation in our Wiki New Player Guide by /u/The-All-Tomato Riot's New Player Guide LolEsports New Viewer Guide Other: Check out our related subreddits section for champion mains, teams, and other subreddits. Visit /r/lolstreams for all your streaming needs. Visit /r/lolesports for everything esports. Visit /r/leagueoflegendsmeta to discuss the meta game. Visit /r/leagueofmemes because dank… [...]

LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown Lolesports | Leaguepedia | | New to LoL Today's matches will be played on Patch 11.5. Today's Matches # Match PST EST CET KST 1 TL vs TSM 2:00 PM 5:00 PM 22:00 06:00 All matches are Best of 5 Streams Stream on Twitch Stream on YouTube Stream on Lolesports Comment Stream Teams ​ Bracket Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Finals C9 3 vs - 100 0 C9 3 vs - TSM 1 TL 1 vs - TL 3 C9 0 vs - TSM 2 TL 3 TL 0 vs - vs - EG 1 TSM 3 TSM 1 vs - 100 3 100T 2 vs - DIG 0 On-Air Team Hosts James "Dash" Patterson Gabriella "LeTigress" Devia-Allen Analyst Desk Mark "MarkZ" Zimmerman Alberto "Crumbz" Rengifo Emily "LeagueofEmily" Rand Kien "MeanMrKien" Lam Hai "Hai" Du Lam Kaizen "Primal" Asdeiu Jake "Spawn" Tiberi Kieran "Allorim" Logue Play-by-Play Commentators David "Phreak" Turley Julian "Pastrytime" Carr Rivington "Riv" Bisland III Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines Color Commentators Sam "Kobe" Hartman-Kenzler Isaac "Azael" Cummings Bentley Barento "Razleplasm" Mohammed ​ Format Top 6 teams from the Spring Season participate Top 4 teams start in upper bracket 5th and 6th start in… [...]

LCS 2021 MID-SEASON SHOWDOWN Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Live Discussion | | New to LoL Cloud9 3-2 Team Liquid Congratulations to Cloud 9 for winning Mid-Season Showdown and being the North American MSI representatives * Player of the Series:Perkz C9 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Discord | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit TL | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Discord | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit MATCH 1: C9 vs. TL Winner: Team Liquid in 48m Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B C9 gnar twisted fate thresh orianna kaisa 82.1k 19 7 I1 H2 O3 H4 C5 B12 TL nidalee senna olaf lucian tristana 84.2k 20 8 C6 B7 C8 B9 C10 C11 E13 C9 19-20-52 vs 20-19-62 TL Fudge renekton 2 3-3-7 TOP 3-3-11 2 sion Alphari Blaber udyr 2 3-4-11 JNG 1-4-12 1 hecarim Armao Perkz seraphine 1 5-3-10 MID 10-1-10 3 viktor Jensen Zven kalista 3 4-5-12 BOT 6-4-12 4 xayah Tactical Vulcan alistar 3 4-5-12 SUP 0-7-17 1 rell CoreJJ MATCH 2: C9 vs. TL Winner: Cloud9 in 41m Match History | Game Breakdown | Runes… [...]

Seriously, I want to play it, is it p2w, is the community trash [this one doesn't matter really], is the game dying even more? 'there a discord?? submitted by /u/daz1staa [link] [comments] [...]

hello everyone Shotts @ Seastone here. Just reminding everyone to join the rift pvp discord. We’re trying to kindle all the pvp players together for better quality matches and utilize voice as a lobby. It’s been a blast. New players we can help you! Pvp is still alive at 65-70 don’t let the videos fool ya. Join up 😀 submitted by /u/ShottsSeastone [link] [comments] [...]

I decided to give this game a shot, though i can't even start the game after downloading. I keep getting an error saying my IP address was changed and to exist and log back in, which i have done multiple times. I have logged out, closed the app, logged back in and launched... nothing. I read that you can message customer support and they can lower the settings on your account, but it requires a character name and i can't even get in the game to create one. Any ideas? submitted by /u/62TiredOfLiving [link] [comments] [...]

It's been a long time since we have made any announcements as we feel as though they should be reserved for important events only, as you may or may not know. We have a community discord server that we've been in the process of overhauling in the last few days. It has been simplified and streamlined to allow for a much easier experience without it being overly complicated for no particular reason. We've made this server so that people have a place to chat, share media, find a mate to play with or get in touch with us directly. We would appreciate it if you would join, the invite link is here. On top of the new discord overhaul, we'll be choosing a post every few days to be featured on the frontpage of the subreddit, these are usually the ones which we believe are worth other people seeing and should be given the spotlight for a few days. We're always looking for new ways to reach out and interact with our community members so in the near future we may be looking to create a community server, feedback on this would be much appreciated as well as any potential… [...]

Monkey plays CS 1.6 with his mind using Neuralink brain implant

submitted by /u/velloman [link] [comments] [...]

Try this flash if you peek mid on inferno + probably my fastest ace.

submitted by /u/Ammeme [link] [comments] [...]

No promises, but it seems a ton of people are loving the GI Joe styles/Prime Gaming packs. If we were to do MORE of these, what would you like to see? Also, if you're going to post feedback on not this topic stuff or point out "why are you doing this instead of fixing the game?" PM me instead and I'll take that feedback in a less-topic-centric post aka, my PMs. submitted by /u/TragicLoss [link] [comments] [...]

Stronk Russian Programming

submitted by /u/IdealCheese [link] [comments] [...]

I saw this meme format and knew I had to make a WoT version. Enjoy!

submitted by /u/_Sodium_Chloride_ [link] [comments] [...]

The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Whatever your question is about WoWS, ask it here so other captains can help you out! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments] [...]

Tirpitz - Top Tier Terror

submitted by /u/_NoobyMcNoobface_ [link] [comments] [...]

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