An Introduction to Online Gaming

An Introduction to Online Gaming

May 19 Diablo Pajarito  

Welcome to Online Gaming

GWE Introduction to Online Gaming

GWE Introduction to Online Gaming

There are many types of gaming out there today. Games consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation are popular, as well as other online gaming options. Online gaming is the most popular and successful type of gaming. There are multiplayer games and whole universes to explore – there’s really no limit to what you can do in online games today.

However, because there are so many game options, the world of online gaming can be overwhelming, especially for newbs. This introduction aims to make online gaming less complex for those who want to get into it.

Types of Local Network and Online Games

Future Pro E-Gamer

Future Pro E-Gamer

Single-player computer games run on a personal computer. Some, but not all multiplayer games function across a network. You’ll always need to check the game’s packaging or documentation to determine what games are supported.

LAN or Local Network games support allows sharing between two or more computers across home network connections, however, each computer must run a copy of the game.

PC games that list internet or online multiplayer support require you to play live with a high-speed internet connection.

Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Sony Playstation offer both locally based and internet-based play options for games that support them. You can share live sessions with those who own the same type of console and a copy of the same game, but you will not be able to share live sessions between a console and a PC or two different types of consoles.

Setting Up Your Online Network

Alienware 17 3D Laptop WIFI

Alienware 17 3D Laptop WIFI

PC multiplayer games usually work across a wired or wireless home network. Some experienced gamers tend to use wired Ethernet connections for local network gaming as this offers performance advantages. PC games benefit from running on computer systems with fast processors.

An expensive computer is not a necessity – looking at expensive computers made especially for gaming can be exciting, but it is not necessary. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to make sure this is going to be something you stick to first. When you know this is a serious hobby for you, you can then invest.

Solo or multiplayer – solo and multiplayer games are the two main types. This will depend on your preference. Many games offer both options.

The Galactic Warrior Empire has developed a robust manifest for putting teams together for practice matches and competitive events. Along with  membership, a TEXT messaging system sent directly to your smart phone alerts you to practice matches and competitive events. You are never pressured to participate; however, do not miss one after you have signed up.

Get help if you need it

Forums can give you instant gratification to get better, and there are coaching services, too. YouTube tutorials are extremely beneficial. Gaming can be complicated at times, so really slow down and take your time to learn about a game. You should understand “how to aim” (pun intended) and how to play properly.

GWE Training Camp features a plethora of guidance tools. We offer forums, coaching, and FREE YouTube tutorials to sharpen your gaming skills.

Compete to Join the Pro Online Gaming Circuit

GWE eSport Competition

GWE eSport Competition

Pro gaming – professional gamers are those that take gaming seriously. It’s far more than a hobby, and if you’re a skilled gamer, you may turn it into your profession. There are many competitions for all kinds of online games. Winners often receive huge payouts. Professional gamers may also make money testing new games.

This is just an introduction – there’s so much more to be learned about online gaming. eGames and eSports at the Galactic Warrior Empire demand tons of time to learn with the right equipment and weaponry. However, you should have an idea of where to begin your journey.

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