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  • Featured

    Brief History of e-Sports

    First E-Sports Competition, Top Prize was a subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine The first official video game competition on record happened at Stanford University on October 19, 1972. That event invited players to compete in a game called Spacewar, which […]

  • Featured

    The Top 3 Best Gaming Computers

    Photo credit and CORSAIR VENGEANCE 5180 Gaming PC performance and specifications 9to5toys | Patrick Campanale – Nov. 9th 2018, Twitter @pcamp96 PC gaming has never been mightier. There are a variety of gaming computers that could suit a variety of […]

  • Featured

    The 4 Best Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games MMORPG’s

    By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Common Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games MMORPG Do you want to start your Role-Playing career with the best? Find 4 of our best selection MMORPG’s around! However, most of them were not selected for […]

  • GWE Boot Camp

    Define Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games – MMORPG

    Image and Video Link | GamerZakh 20 Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Open World, Multiplayer, MMO! MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role-playing games might sound like a mouthful to newbs who have not had much experience with […]

  • Featured

    Virtual Reality begins with the Birth of Video Games and Online Games

    Riad Chikhani@riad_chikhani Credit to Riad Chikhani is co-founder and CEO of gaming social network Gamurs. Two Glorious Developments in Computer Technology There were two glorious developments in computer technology which enabled the speedier creation of video games and online games: […]

  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks (Basics)

    World of Tanks (WoT) WoT is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming. World of Tanks was released on 12 August 2010 exclusively for the Russian market. The game became a smashing success. More than 700,000 players hit […]

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Prudential Center to host ‘LCS Championship Delivered by GrubHub’

The LCS will host its first fan-attended event since Summer of 2019 in Newark, NJ at the Prudential Center. The LCS Championship Delivered by GrubHub will take place on August 28 and 29 and will crown the region’s 2021 season champion. At the event, the LCS will provide a fan experience featuring LCS teams and […] The post Prudential Center to host ‘LCS Championship Delivered by GrubHub’ first appeared on ARCHIVE - The Esports Observer. [...]

Report: Mobile Legends teams could be forced to drop Wild Rift due to exclusivity contract

Esports organizations participating in Mobile Legends could be forced to drop or never sign a team for Wild Rift due to a signed exclusivity contract with developer Moonton (owned by short-form video app TikTok), according to a report by Wild Rift news outlet WRCompetitive. Team Secret CEO John Yao weighed in on the report on […] The post Report: Mobile Legends teams could be forced to drop Wild Rift due to exclusivity contract first appeared on ARCHIVE - The Esports Observer. [...]

Report: Ninjas in Pyjamas merging with ESV5

Sweden-based esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas is merging with a Chinese company called ESV5, with plans to be listed on the NASDAQ, according to a report from Reuters. ESV5 is a joint venture between esports organization eStar Gaming and Victory 5. A “source with direct knowledge on that matter” tells Reuters that the companies project […] The post Report: Ninjas in Pyjamas merging with ESV5 first appeared on ARCHIVE - The Esports Observer. [...]

Esports Entertainment Group secures exclusive deal with Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company

Esports betting and competition operator Esports Entertainment Group has signed a deal to become the exclusive esports provider for Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company’s Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio. The company will operate a 7,000 square foot esports center at the location, scheduled to open in mid-2022. The facility will be […] The post Esports Entertainment Group secures exclusive deal with Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company first appeared on ARCHIVE - The Esports Observer. [...]

BIG, FURIA, Heroic added to ESL Pro League, NIP secures crypto deal | ESI Digest #65

Each week, ESI Digest breaks down the weekly happenings in the esports industry, making sense of things so you don’t have to. As well as being housed on YouTube, ESI Digest is available on all major podcast platforms and is also available in written form below. On this week’s ESI Digest we cover; FURIA, BIG […] [...]

League of Legends Worlds finals to be shown in cinemas across Europe

Game developer Riot Games has announced that the finals of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship will be broadcast in cinemas. According to the release, over 70 cinemas across Europe will host the finals on November 6th, with tickets are already available on the official website for the event. As with every year, finals […] [...]

Connecticut sports betting industry permits esports wagering

Connecticut’s legal sports betting legislature, which includes language permitting licensed operators in the state to accept wagers on esports events, has officially come into effect this week. The bill HB 6451, authorising legal sports betting in the state, was passed earlier this year and launched officially in Connecticut on Tuesday. In the bill, esports is […] [...]

Guild Esports terminates fintech partnership over delays and payment issues

UK-based esports organisation Guild Esports has announced the termination of its partnership with an unnamed European fintech company. In the release, the company has cited ‘delays in the sponsor’s launch and the payment of sums’ as the main reasons for the deal’s cancellation. RELATED: Guild Esports announces £3.6m deal with European tech firm The partnership […] [...]

Esports Hub is the latest addition to Pinnacle Solution’s esports platform. Pinnacle Solution is the B2B branch of sportsbook operator Pinnacle. The Esports Hub, created particularly for esports lovers, provides end-users with esports betting content via a smooth UX and dark-themed aesthetic that has been adapted to customer feedback. The Esports Hub’s introduction of live broadcasting across all platforms, as well as data-rich scoreboards that both inform betting decisions and bring the frenzied dynamic of in-play esports action to life, will help live bettors as well. The Esports Hub will give partners an additional tool to stand out from the crowd in the increasingly competitive B2C market, with Pinnacle’s 11 years of experience trading esports underlying an authentic product proven to appeal to clients around the world. The Esports Hub can be integrated with the supplier’s esports product immediately, either as an add-on to their existing sportsbook or as part of a fully-serviced, plug-and-play sports betting solution. “As the only managed trading service with skin in the esports game, we understand first-hand the problems that operators confront,” stated CEO Paris Smith. The Esports Hub enables partners to take advantage of this expertise and provide an award-winning offering tailored to the… [...]

The newest esports event CS:GO – Battle of Betway – has been announced by Betway, one of the major sports betting sites. The competition includes teams sponsored by Betway, who fight to the top in a series of best-of-one matches. The schedule of the event is virtually perfect, commencing just before PGL Major Stockholm, which will provide fans of CS:GO the opportunity to see exciting CS:GO action as the warm-up for Stockholm. RELATED: Betway esports introduces new CS:GO Challenge On 20 October, just two weeks from today, the tournament will start. Some famous names like G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjama, BIG, Furia and MIBR might be expected from you. This will be a great event that will keep us on the edge of our sitting and with some fast play and action-packed contests. Most teams participating in this event are taking part in the PGL Major in Stockholm, hence none of these teams will expose secret techniques. Instead, we could see an all-out brawl, and the supporters want it exactly. In addition, some of the most important talent like Gaules, Anders and Semmler will be hosting the competition. It’ll be an incredible show overall that mustn’t be missed. Simultaneously, there… [...]

BLAST Premier has announced a multi-event agreement with SteelSeries, a Danish hardware firm that will host a number of CS:GO-related activations during BLAST events. SteelSeries will host activations during the BLAST Fall Showdown in October and the BLAST Fall Finals in November as a result of this. Fan interaction efforts, freebies, and a special place at the Finals venue are among the activations. In 2019, BLAST and SteelSeries collaborated for the first time at the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. Both organisations collaborated at the Bounty Hunt online Dota 2 event last year. “It’s a really exciting time for BLAST Premier with the commencement of our Fall Season and the coming return of fans and arena events ahead of November’s Fall Final in Copenhagen,” said Oliver Clarke, Head of Brand Partnerships at BLAST. “We’re ecstatic to welcome back such a reputable global brand as SteelSeries, and we have some exciting ideas for the collaboration over the next few months.” This collaboration adds to what has already been a hectic year for BLAST. Throughout 2021, the company has recruited a number of new partners, including Bondly and Coinbase, as well as launching its inaugural APEX Legends event, BLAST Titans. “As the original… [...]

In the next several weeks, the world’s eyes will be on Romania, where the top Dota 2 teams will come together after more than two years to define a new world champion. The International 10, the most crucial meeting on the DPC is right around the corner and we will provide you with an overview of the whole world championship guides with all you need to know. WATCH HERE: The International 10 brings us the 12 teams with the highest scores in the DPC following the two splits of the Invictus Gaming in Singapore Major, and the winner of PSG, in a similar format to the 2019 edition. In Kiev, Ukraine, LGD Animajor. Six qualified teams from the regional qualifications will also join, in which a monumental ticket for the tournament was competed by the top 12 teams from each DPC region who were not qualified to Ti 10. Therefore, these are the 18 TI 10 teams: China: Elephant, Invictus Gaming, PSG.LGD, Team Aster, and Vici Gaming North America: Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying South America: beastcoast, SG e-sports, and Thunder Predator Western Europe: Alliance, OG, and Team Secret Eastern Europe: Team Spirit, and Southeast Asia: Fnatic, and T1… [...]

Intel’s 8K HDR Internet livestreams: The future of OTT sports, entertainment, and gaming broadcasts?

A groundbreaking 19 days of live streaming at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games showed 8K HDR is ready to be what's next. [...]

On GB Decides 215, the crew says goodbye to their managing editor, Jason Wilson. But before that, they have things to say about Nintendo. [...]

Mari ‘AtomicMari’ Takahashi becomes co-owner of esports group Spacestation Gaming

Mari “AtomicMari” Takahashi, a popular gaming personality, has made an investment into esports organization Spacestation Gaming. [...]

Misfits Gaming raises $35M as it focuses on media revenues

Misfits Gaming Group has raised $35 million in funding from Scripps as it focuses on esports media revenues. [...]

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